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John Dolan is not your traditional recruiting firm founder. He's spent 20+ years in the investment technology industry in senior positions across sales, account management, product management, customer success, etc. at BlackRock, SS&C Eze and a startup OMS/EMS firm called Rebar Systems. He's also run and developed offices in the US and the UK.

In May of 2021,  John decided to leave his Director role at BlackRock and launch Double Down Group. Two and a half years later, DDG has quickly become the premier provider of experienced talent to the financial technology and financial services industries. DDG's client base comprises firms offering essential technology, data, research, and other services to hedge funds, asset managers, private market and sell side firms. Additionally, his partnerships with the buy and sell sides have further solidified his reputation as the go-to recruiter in these competitive spaces. What sets John apart is his firsthand experience in the industry and with that he possesses a distinctive viewpoint that enables him to preemptively understand the needs of both clients and candidates.

John's approach hinges on his personal touch. Each candidate he considers undergoes his litmus test: "Would I hire this person myself?" This rigorous evaluation ensures that every referral he makes carries the weight of trust and credibility. With over 23,000 connections, his comprehensive LinkedIn presence and expansive network have further amplified his reach, attracting a stream of candidates and generating a substantial reservoir of potential matches for any given role.



We offer both retained and contingent search agreements to our clients. All agreements come with a guarantee that we will conduct an additional search for free for any candidate that is hired and leaves or is let go before 90 days.

DDG specializes in the financial markets technology, hedge fund, asset management and private equity/credit sectors but has worked with many other types of firms as well. We have successfully placed roles across North America and EMEA, with a primary focus on the NYC metro area.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales

  • Sales Engineering/Pre Sales

  • Sales Enablement

  • Business Development

  • Account Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Implementation

  • Customer Success

  • Project Management

  • Client Service

  • Product Management

  • Business Analyst

  • CFO

  • COO

  • CTO

  • CRO

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Trading

  • Operations

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Compliance

  • Research

  • Investor Relations

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Technology

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